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Issue 6 – Upgraded Print Quality

Greetings from a mind-meltingly hot desert, after a deep hibernation period, we’re excited to announce that Luna Arcana’s issue 6 is out. This issue is a whole new experience, completely self-funded, with no ads.

It’s an exploration of the nuanced experiences around the threat to wilderness and ecological grief –  and making space for grief in particular as a necessary portal towards understanding, evolution and transformation.

The cover art is by the brilliant and prolific Zara Kand.

Zara is a London born artist who has been living in Joshua Tree since 2015. She has exhibited throughout numerous venues within the US and has been featured in many online and print publications across the globe. She’s an active member of the high desert community and loves to contribute culturally in whichever way she can, be it through teaching local painting classes, curating art shows, or providing culinary deliciousness through her private chef company Epicurean Fling.  Currently, her art related projects include oil painting, oil painted animation, art writing for various art platforms such as ArtNowLA and Hi-Fructose Magazine, and monthly curation at Art Queen Gallery in downtown Joshua Tree. She is also the editor of The Gallerist Speaks, an international interview series focusing on gallery directors, arts organizers and curators. Supporting the arts, even if in small ways, is a strong passion of Zara’s, as she believes that civilization would be a hollow, monochrome unit without it. 

We’ll be sharing more about this issue and the contributors you haven’t been introduced to yet in the coming weeks.

We’ll keep you updated on retailers stocking the new issue.

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