Damien Echols – Invoking Angel Intelligences: The Royal Science


A weekend immersion into the foundational practices of Magick & Meditation

Friday, Sept. 17 through Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021

+ Friday 7pm: Talk & Book Signing  by Damien Echols $40
Includes a signed copy of Damien’s new book, Angels & Archangels

+ Saturday & Sunday: In-person retreat $400 (not including accommodation + food)

+ Saturday & Sunday: Livestream + Recording $200

Call: 760.469.9764

Rooms also available. Space is limited to 50 students.

Friday Night Talk 7PM:

Damien will focus on some biographical material, for the people who are new to his story, but will then dive into what will be covered over the weekend; and all of the ways in which Magick benefits us. He’ll give some personal anecdotal stories, and talk about how we can all use the practice to reclaim Sovereignty over your own life.

Saturday 10AM-5PM:

Will begin with learning The Divine Radiant Breath which has four exercises. Next will be Grounding techniques; how to use “the Vacuum” to protect us from toxic and harmful energies, impurities and even sickness.

Sunday 10AM-2PM: Lesser Invoking of the Pentagram

Damien will teach Shielding Exercises that serve to protect from harmful energies, and will finish the retreat with a Self-initiation ritual that will set the course for finishing The Great Work in this lifetime.

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