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Luna and the Lake

Words by Rohini Walker Illustration by Martín Mancha There is a lake in a desert, under which bubbles a hot spring. Mature desert willows overhang the water from the sandy bank. There is so much lush vegetation here that the spot could easily be mistaken for a watery clearing in the jungle. Bullfrogs abound, their sporadic, guttural croaks echoing in the silence, reverberating off the stillness of the water. Under a full moon, recently replete after being eclipsed by Earth,…

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I am the color of the sun in light and shadow, dreaming you into being; each grain of sand, each cell and atom. Shifting light makes butterflies of eyelashes, cocooned in dark slumber moments ago. In the stillness of innocent morning, you can see me in all my glory as I turn from night to day. My cosmic dance never ends, as slowly, through lifetimes, you arrive at surrender, having passed through the gates of fear and doubt and shame.…

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